About Us

The Down-Low

Sophakama is the community partnership programme of the Plains of Camdeboo Private Nature Reserve in the Karoo Plains of Pearston, Eastern Cape.

Our Mission is…

To facilitates community partnerships, programmes and events that supports social, economic and cultural development in Pearston. Our Mission is to promote environmental awareness, quality education & recognition of people’s talents through sport, arts and culture. We also seek to establish a healthy and credible organisation that brings youth and elders together to share their knowledge

How’d it all begin?

In 2010 research was undertaken in our neighbourting town of Pearston to best understand the local social reality. Using a variety of PRA methodologies, and a large-scale household survey, we dug into some of the strengths and challenges that were being faced by residents.

With this baseline research under our belt we felt prepared to engage with the town in a way that was meaningful, and so in 2011 it began!

As a nameless and faceless entity, we started off with competition held in schools in Pearston. We challanged learners to come up with a name and a logo for this new community partnership initiative of the town’s nearest Private Nature Reserve. Two young children aged 11 and 12 years won the competition and ever since we have been known as ‘Sophakama’ (we will rise) and we proudly attach our dazzling Pearston-originated logo to all that we do.

So, what do we do?

Sophakama Community Partnership has four primary portfolio areas: Early Childhood Development (ECD), Environmental Education (EE), Sports,art & Culture and Organisational Development (OD). In addition to these four priority areas, we strive to enhance local educational realities through exposing learners of all ages to a wider range of quality activities and opportunities that they would ordinarily encounter in Pearston.

Sophakama has strong links to Calabash Trust and Plains of Camdeboo Private Nature Reserve. Wherever possible, we are working with local development agencies, the department of social development, Child Welfare, Ikhala Trust and other movers and shakers in our area in order to help crack open a world of quality education and limitless ambitions for Pearston’s youth.

Guiding Principals

  • Respect
  • Partnerships, not hand-outs
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Replicability
  • Care for the earth, animals, people, and fair share
  • Natural rhythms
  • Worldviews
  • Ubuntu

Our Vision is…

A united, safe, well educated Pearston with a creative local economy.

Sophakama Community Partnership is a member of the Network of Early Childhood Training Agencies (NECTA).

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